Port Disruption Possible as Canada’s Border Services Officers Plan Strike

According to a recent post by Splash247, further port disruption is possible as Canada’s border services officers are planning a strike. The article states that:

Canadian border services officers (BSOs) have voted in favour of strike action, although the impact of their decision is still unknown. According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), 90% of BSOs have been identified as essential workers, leaving them legally unable to withhold essential services.

The BSOs, represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada, will be in a legal strike position next week. The union has said that a strike could cause a “significant disruption to the flow of goods”; the CBSA, on the other hand, has warned only of the possibility of an increase in border wait times and picketing outside CBSA premises. The agency said it has developed mitigation strategies to ensure operations will continue.

Canada’s Border Service officers have been without a contract since 2018 and they want an adjustment in pay to bring them more in the line with other Canadian law enforcement officers. Negotiations are underway according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and he hopes a deal can be met between the two parties.

More as it develops.