FDA Rejects Begin Sept. 4 for Invalid FSV Email Syntax

On Sept. 4, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will implement a hard reject of food entries that have an invalid syntax for the FSV email transmitted in PG21. There will be no period of warnings.

The FDA told the RAC that they are receiving “all kinds of crazy information” in this field, such as website addresses, phone numbers, and various other messages. The only information that should be in this field is an email address in the proper form, such as JohnSmith@Xcompany.com, for the designated Foreign Supplier Verification importer (the person responsible for verifying the foreign supplier of the food).

More details are available in this Customs and Border Protection (CBP) CSMS No. 48912861.

Customs brokers are encouraged to contact their software vendors to make sure your software reflects this new FDA validation. In addition, review your entries and, if necessary, reach out to the importer to obtain a valid email address for the FSV person.