Trade Secrets – Episode 19 Amanda Barlow Regional Vice President, Roanoke Trade

Welcome to the Trade Secrets Podcast, hosted by Damon Piatek, President & CEO of Welke Customs Brokers USA.

This episode’s guest is Amanda Barlow Regional Vice President, Roanoke Trade. Join Damon and Amanda in a discussion on the importance of Carnets and why they are effective for your business.

:45 Welcome with Amanda Barlow and Roanoke History
2:10 Customs Bonds/ Bond Insufficiency
3:00 ATA Carnets
4:31 Other Uses for ATA Carnets
6:32 What Can’t go on a Carnet?
8:34 Carnet Insurance and What it Covers
11:45 How Often do you Need to Pay for Carnets?
13:!5 Interesting Story
15:18 Contact Information

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