Trade Secrets – Episode 21 Wayne Handzlik President, Way-Bri Express

Welcome to the Trade Secrets Podcast, hosted by Damon Piatek, President & CEO of Welke Customs Brokers USA.

This episode’s guest is Wayne Handzlik President, Way-Bri Express. Join Damon and Wayne in a discussion on the current condition at the border for international trade.

WAY-BRI EXPRESS is a Cross-Border Delivery service out of Buffalo, New York specializing in small parcels and mail forwarding. We’ve been in business over 18 years helping small and mid-sized companies in the Toronto, Ontario area.

:50 Intro With Wayne and Way Bri-Express
1:30 Recent Experiences at The Border
4:19 Has the Pandemic effected Business?
5:15 Tips on How to streamline the border process
7:15 Current Processing Times
8:44 Mandate For Drivers to be Vaccinated?
12:07 Will Price on Freight Change?
13:15 Tips for the Border and Contact Information