Trade Secrets – Episode 22 Dennis Unkovic Partner, Meyer, Unkovic and Scott

An all-new episode for the Trade Secrets podcast has been uploaded and you can listen now.

This episode’s guest is Dennis Unkovic Partner, Meyer, Unkovic and Scott. Join Damon and Dennis in a discussion on the current condition of global trade and how COVID has impacted the industry.

Dennis Unkovic is a senior partner with the law firm of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP. He frequently briefs business executives, trade associations, and government leaders on high profile issues, and negotiates complex commercial transactions, including international mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures as well as advising on inbound and outbound investment projects.

Dennis is also an author and recently put out the book entitled Transforming The Global Supply Chain.

1:18 Welcome and Discussion on Dennis’ Book on the Supply Chain
2:30 Background on Dennis
4:05 Maxtrends and What They Are and How They Impact Supply Chain
8:00 Story on How 3D Printing Impacts Supply Chain Issues
9:40 Federal Reserve Bank and Liberty Street Economics Details
12:40 Dennis Tips for Listeners
16:27 Wrap up and Contact Information

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