Trade Secrets Customs Basics Series – Part 9- “OGA’s- Other Government Agencies”

Welcome to the Trade Secrets Podcast, hosted by Damon Piatek, President & CEO of Welke Customs Brokers USA.

Join Welke Customs Brokers USA President & CEO Damon Piatek for the 9th session of our 10-part “Free Trade Agreement” Series – “OGA’s”. Damon discusses the role of OGA’s (Other Government Agencies) plays and how engaging a customs broker in your operations creates competitive advantage.

Here are the time stamps for this episode below:

:53 Welcome and OGA, PGA Meaning and How it Effects Importers

2:03 The Lacey Act

4:!5 FDA And its Regulations

8:48 FDA and Food Products

10:54 CPSC-Consumer Product Safety Commission

13:25 Fish and Wildlife/ National Highway and Safety Administration

16:45 Contact Information and Wrap Up

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